AR (3-2-1945 / California)

I Watched Her

I watched her undrape
A vision I cannot escape
Through the broken window of my mind
A beauty to behold staring back in time
I’ve have bitten the forbidden fruit
Chased from Eden with no one in pursuit
The price of leaving paradise
With nothing left to sacrifice
The truth too obscure and cold as ice
She never got the letter that I wrote
Return to Sender was the quote
I watched her bathe at the river
A curtain of steam could not give her
The security of anonymity
Or the arousal that shivered through me
She wrapped herself in a purple haze
My heart walked around in a daze
With no direction out of the maze
I watched her sun bathe in the quiet valley
What a view to a grand finale
Where I ride up on my white horse
Bringing with me a little remorse
But none the less to set the stage
For the rescue I was about to engage
But just as I was about to arrive
This crazy ride I thought I would survive
She vanished in the mist
As if she never did exist

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Seems like you watched her for too long Alfred! seize the moment next time my friend! A very romantic write, there is a little too my haze up there! should that be daze I wonder? Smiling at you, Tai