GS (1947 / Kenilworth)

I Wept For Myself...Again

The still night without wind
or sound draws me back
to your arms once again.

Do you remember the night
we sat here on this very spot?
Lovers in the moonlight,
was what we called ourselves.

You were so distant,
even though I was
holding you in my arms.

Your pale skin
looked blue and cold
as I cradled you in my arms.

"Hold me", you said so quietly;
it was no more than a whisper.

As the night wore on,
so did your grasp to this world.
Moonlight, mist of darkness,
and the cries of lost love filled the air.

Your breath of life
slowly faded and I wept.

does not attract
me any longer.
I am left cold,
alone, disheartened,
and devastated.

I am alone again
in the moonlight
waiting for you.

Waiting for the morn
that will never come,
I retreat back into my grave.

A creature of the night,
I cannot release you.

You have my blood
in your mouth,
and my life is no more.

Tonight in the moonlight,
you took my life.

Crawling from the hole,
I see the light.

Your mouth drew me
into your arms.
I was hoping for passion.

I found the night
of the living dead,
and I wept for myself


by G.B. Smith

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