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When you are tired and feeling weak,
Just think of me the one to seek.
You may not see me, but I will be there.
I will be the one who will really cared.

I will be the wind blowing softly in your face.
I will be your shelter your safe little place.
I will be the sun shinning down on you bright.
I will be the moon on your darkest night.

I will be the love that fills your heart.
I will be there when ever we’re apart.
I will be the thought that makes you smile.
I will be the one to comfort you for awhile.

I will be there if ever you fall.
I will be there when ever you call.
I will be there in your times of sorrow.
I will be there to help you to morrow.

I will be there when you are in pain.
I will be there with nothing to gain.
I will take your hurt, and wash it away.
I will help you make it thru yet, another day.

So take care in life, and all the things you do.
Think of me, as often, I think of you.
And if at anytime or ever you feel,
Just remember these two words….I will

by Poison 9901

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