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I Will Always Be A Fellow From Duhallow

I will always be a fellow from Duhallow and will be so until my dying day
Though i have lived for years in this far southern Country the accent i was born into with me stay
It is true you can take the man from the Country but you cannot take the Country from the man
Claraghatlea in Millstreet in Duhallow was where the life's journey for me began
As a young man i had literary ambitions i used to daydream i might be a poet
In the World of literature one known and famous and seen as a literary person of note
But daydreams are as said are just that daydreams and such dreams seldom ever do come true
Like is said of life it seems to have a habit of giving to us what is our due
Many years ago i fell in love with Nature in the fields of Claraghatlea and Lisnaboy
And i do love her as an aging fellow and learning of her ways i do enjoy
I do love living in this Southern Country where there is so much natural beauty for to see
It's unique wildlife simply is amazing words to describe it does seem beyond me
But i could never claim to be an Aussie the accent of a person does not lie
I was born and raised far north of here in Duhallow but who knows where and when i am going to die.

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