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I Will Always Be A Stranger In This Town

Here I'll never even know local renown
I will always be a stranger in this Town
Some of the locals body language tell me what their tongues don't say
He is not one of us he is from far away.

I'm a stranger here I was born and raised elsewhere
And with most locals little in common I do share
I'm very much an outsider 'twould seem
And I don't even barrack for their football team.

From them I do not try to woo their wives
And my presence amongst them does not effect their lives
Yet for some strange reason unbeknown to me
A threat of sorts some of them in me see.

We live in an age that's corrupted by fear
And you need not scratch too hard for to find racism here
Parochial sorts in their own small ways can be rude
All outsiders from their own groups they exclude.

Even if I could their wives from them I would not try to lure away
Yet here I do not make a new friend every day
To many here mine's not a welcome face
I will always be a stranger in this place.

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