I Will Always Be The Other Girl And Friend, But Truely Nothing More

Poem By mona martinez

call me crazy,
i just can't shake the facts,
what are we so afraid of?
we admit our lover for each other,
when we met up again,
when we found each other,
all i knew was you were single,
than three months of consent talking,
you have a girl you want to marry,

did i read the facts wrong?
i was the girl you would call,
late at night to talk and laugh,
you asked for my opinion,
and i often gave it,
don't get me wrong,
the girl you with is alot better,
than the other girls,
you've been with in the past,
but why did you drag me along for the ride?
and gave me hope,
that one day we will be together?

just like you always told me,
when we were kids,
but that all i'm here for,
to be taken on a ride,
that don't really include us,
it always included just you,

i get we no longer kids,
but if you truely cared about me,
like you said,
why try to get me jealous of what you have?
you did it when we were kids growing up,
and you doing it now,
if you knew i had a crush on you,
and we opened up how we felt about each other,
why did you not be honest about the other girl?
i knew there were others,
but you changed girls like seasons,
none you were serious with,
but out of the blue,
this is the girl you want to marry?

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