I Will Always Love You

I will always love you,
forever and ever,
until the ends of time,
go flying by.

Even then, I will still be,
right by your side,
cause you are the biggest part,
of my life.

You bring happiness to me,
and carry the light,
that brightens my day.
You really make me shine.

You are the love of my life,
and I will never let you go.
You are the only one,
that really knows my style.

You always make me smile,
and no one else can love me,
the way that you do,
cause you are my days and nights.

I am so happy to have you,
always by my side,
not just as my lover,
but also as my guide.

You show me the way,
to happiness, everyday.
You are my treasure,
and you I will forever cherish.

By Shirley Shaw

by Muhammad Faris

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i love this poem..i love this poem.. n i love you too; P