WL (11/24/1949 / Staten Island, New York)

I Will Be There

Sometimes you get that feeling
That your are out there on your own
Standing in isolation
And feeling so alone
If ever this feeling should grab you
Just remember this
I will always be right beside you
With a hug and a gentle kiss
I will be there
I’ll always be with you
Wherever you go
I will follow beside you
This much I know
There’s a place in your heart
That will always hold me near
Close to the loving
Of the one I hold dear
We are always together
With all the love that we share
Whenever you are lonely
Just smile
I will be there
We dance in the moonlight
We gaze eye to eye
That image will be with me
Till the day that I die
But the beauty of those moments
Both precious and dear
Forms a bond of our closeness
A true love sincere
When we’re together
We have the world in our arms
Captured within a hug
And your loving charms
With each breath I take
I learn to live again

by William Lindenmuth

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