I Will Be Waiting

With a dormant corpse and an active soul
I wait….

For the day, that had brought a shock
Few years back
A vicious spell has been cast
The devil of the abyss had struck

Shattering the lives
Of an expectant family
They had lost one among them

Shattering the lives
Of expectant pals
They had lost a true friend

Today is the day
The day I want to forget
The day I want to remember

I hear footsteps
As I wait in my grave
With mixed feeling
Of happiness and sorrow

Dampness I could feel
In the ever desiccated grave
Is it my tears?
Tears of sorrow?
Tears of happiness?

Few flowers have blossomed
In this barren land
To welcome the people
For whom my soul yearns

I know they are near
I could feel it
As the herald breeze
Whispers silently
To mark their arrival

Imprinting their footsteps
In the damp mud, they arrive
With flowers in hand
Decorating my grave
With love and care

I bellow their names
It dissolves and dies
Fades with the wind
As they stand
with tearful eyes

Years wait ends in a minute
As they say adieu and leave
Leaving me alone
For a wait, once more…

To get a glimpse
Of the loved ones again
A long wait with much twinge
The soul endures
But for that single moment
My soul can die a million deaths

I will be waiting……

by Kavitha Krishnamurthy

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