I Will Be Waiting For You

You will come back to me!
because I am the meaning of your life!
You will return with stooping head
and a look lost in memories;
You will return with your soul
loaded with new experiences
and sweet and sour livings
that 'they' were not able to erase...
the moments lived together with me.

You will return
tired of traveling without direction
on unknown roads.
You will return with a smile
that wants to be cheerful
but it is the same sadness
leaving your mouth.
You will return again!
and I will be waiting for you
with opened arms,
because to live without you
is to live without living-
it is to die slowly in the nostalgia.

Yes, I don't deny it!
I will be waiting for you!
because my life without you
doesn't make sense
I will be waiting for you because
you are the meaning of my life, too! !

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Made me tear up. Just beautiful.