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I Will Be Your Balthsar Tonight

I will be your Balthsar tonight.
On my camel I will ride to Spain from Arabia
I will look for the hill where you live in the white washed house
and look for your shoes near the bundles of hay you leave for our camels.

I will tell Gasper and Melchor to wait at the gate for I have a special gift for you.
I will knock at your door. And as soon as it opens, I will rush to embrace you in my arms.
I will give you all myrrah and incense and baskets of sweet Arabian dates.

"Is this all? Is this all? you will ask
And I would say - No, no, my sweetheart. Here is my heart. All yours. Keep it warm, close to your heart and never lose it.
I will be back soon when I have given all the candy to the village kids,
and stay with you for days and days, months and months, years and years in love with you...

by Ravi Kopra

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