I Will Come Back

No matter what you do no matter what you say
I will come back
No matter how much you hurt me or push me away
I will come back
So go ahead and strike me anyway you want
You can tear me apart and you can be blunt
I will come back
I would do whatever you tell me to
Except stop trying to talk to you
Go ahead and Put me through hell
And no matter how much you yell
I will come back
There isn’t anything you could ever do
So no matter what you put me through
Impale my spirit, hit me with a bat
But I’ll be there I will come back
Throw me off a cliff blow me away
Be mean to me, give me a crappy day
Go make me cry and go and overreact
But once again I will forever be back

by sam, corrupt S, finley

Comments (2)

Hey i liked it, no matter how hard you are push you will always stand up and go back, it sounds like you have lots of determination and love for the person inflicting the pain? ? ? ? ... sincerly nickie x x
Determination to say the least! Patricia Gale