I Will Continue My Waiting Whole Life,

I will continue my waiting whole life,
Either I happily enjoy or struggle strife.

As I nothing as yet, may not be full,
So I remain always in life very tearful.

I nothing without you, may not be complete,
As I every time writing humble letter, and again and again delete.

As I think in mind, have emotions about you only,
So you must be doing so, as your heart deal very fairly.

We are although apart in distance, but in love nobody far,
Both lovely dear heart have no distance, time, age bar.

by Dr. Navin Kumar Upadhyay

Comments (13)

Dr Navin, such a lovely poem of the day. Congrats for being chosen.10+++++++++++
True love transcends the distance and endures wait. I likes the style with which the poem is written. Congratulations!
A very nice love poem, congratulations on being selected for Poem Of The Day
Love will wait, no matter how long, true love always stays true. A wonderful poem.
Congrats on being poet of the day, Dr. Navin! Indeed, love has no barriers and gives a feeling of completeness to those who are fortunate enough...
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