I Will Continue To Pray

I can understand a desire and a wish,
To want to defeat an opponent in competition...
IF I am prepared with and/or without cheers,
I hear that gives me a support I can not ignore.
I can understand this mindset.
Although to me it bores.

But there is something about competing against,
Another who has been made to be an enemy who wants...
To attack my interests.
When those who cheer me on from where they stand,
Have different beliefs from my own.
And it is known they are my closest ally.
Who say I should prioritize their demands.

When I complete...
On myself I place my own demands!

'How do I comprehend this?
What's in your mind I don't understand.'

Maybe you will.
Or maybe that day to you will never come.
Like many who embrace conflicts that are done.

And, although I will continue to pray to win...my way,
To a Creator my ally does not accept or believes exists...
I hope the results of the competition I am in to stay,
Leaves me in a position to have my decisions respected.

Who's side are you on? '

I am hoping to cross the finish line.
To be declared on the winning side.
With hopes to have this nonsense of winning,
A choice I'd like to have accepted as being shared.
I just don't want to be viewed as a loser,
No matter whose side I am on.
And looked upon as representing no one.
With a sharing to benefit all.
I'm sure you can relate to that?

'I do?
What about that competition 'spirit'? '

What about it?
I'm not into divisions.
I'm into actions that share success.
With a praying done that I accomplish,
My best effort and God approves.

'What does God have to do with any of this? '

You asked me who's side I am on...
Didn't you?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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