I Will Fight For You

He has been described as inexperienced.
And an arrogant, elitist with socialistic wishes.

It has also been stated,
He has no knowledge of foreign affairs.
Although global leaders prefer his judgement,
On issues similar to theirs.

Plus he is admired for his intelligence,
Integrity, discipline and even his temper.
He seems to be honest and direct when he speaks.
He can identify with everyone.
Including the average person walking on urban streets.
He just happens to be Black!

'Using 'that' as an offensive mechanism...
Disqualifies him and his credentials.

I assure you the campaign we run,
Will not adopt or solicit racial tactics like he has done.
I am a war hero!
I will fight for you.
And I have the scars to prove it.'

~From inside which house, John?
From inside which house will you fight for us? ~

That is up to you.
It is up to you and the other voters,
To decide who has the right...
To add the White House to our growing list,
Of property holdings!
And may I say this in all fairness...
If elected as your leader,
I will not raise taxes.
I will just eliminiate what's left to your way of life! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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