TDG (Feb.6,1994 / Denver City)

I Will Find A Way

I regret everything.
I remember nothing.

My mind has become my torturer.
My body is aching.

My heart is filled with misery.
And I can swear im starting to lose sanity.
Its not exactly that I despise you….
Oh no.
Its more than that.
I hate you.
I hate the way you say you love me.
I’m tired of your fucking lies.
You succeed to leave me depressed
And alone without a care in the world
And it doesn’t matter how weak I may feel
I will torment you with words that will stab you through
Your broken black heart
And you will deserve every single bit of it.
And I will kill you with my stares
But trust me ill be waiting for you
And watching when you think no ones looking
I will make you tremble at every thought of me.
You’ve taken me to hell and back
Leaving me only to find that my best friends are
My razor, my wrist, and my pills.
My heart will never beat for you again
And with this life I promise you
If I have to rip out my guts
String them together
And climb a ninety foot wall
Using them as my rope.
I will.
Cause believe me.
I will find a way
I will find a way to get back at you
For causing me this pain.

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To be so young and feel such pain is not good. Using a healthy outlet you must learn to live each day with a hope for survival. Let the wounds he dug into you heal with the promise of new love. And yes, when the time is right, show him exactly what getting your heart ripped out feels like.
You will surely find a way! But forget and forgive! Have faith in God and you will not feel miserable.