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I Will Follow

I'll follow the one who with good ideas impress me
Doesn't matter if it be a he or she
If they respect all Human Beings and Nature
Then of my support they have my guarantee.

If they can tax the wealthy in a fair way
And of their fair share of taxes make them pay
Then I will be the first for to applaud them
And for them I will shout hip hip hooray.

If they speak in glowing terms of Mother Nature
And show respect to other living kind
Then to a better World they will lead us
And gladly I will follow on behind.

If they can say our war is not on terror
No we will declare war on poverty
Then the threat of terror will subside in it's own good time
And the benefactors will be peace and harmony.

I am leaderless I do not have one to follow
Show me the one who will speak out and say
We will feed the poor and hungry of the World
I will follow whilst that person leads the way.

I will follow the one worthy to be leader
And pay to that person respect overdue
The one who speaks out for the disadvantaged
And who to their higher self are always true.

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