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I Will Go Home To Millstreet

Since i left the green countryside by Millstreet Town
The roadways of life i have been up and down
And like many of my travels i have stories to tell
I feel lucky in ways memory serves me well

In fancy in Spring i hear the mottled brown lark over Clara again
Though lost to my view in the gray clouds of rain
Old memories live on they do not fade away
My past it is with me and living today

On a rock around where babbling waters do flow
The dark brown water bird dipper of breast white as snow
Is singing i do know him by his shrill song
Once seen and once heard a bird one never again does get wrong

The kronk of the raven, the chatter of the magpie and call of the jackdaw
The creatures of Nature live by their own law
The distinctive cawing of the rook and the silver back crow
The birds of the fields where to manhood i did grow

When the cattle chewing their cuds on lush grass do lay
And the hawthorns are in their white blooms of the May
And every songbird does have a song to sing
I will go home to Millstreet in the greenness of Spring

Where to many i might be a stranger today
Time brings about changes life it is this way
But the old fields i loved i know would look the same
Some of them i recall by their given name.

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