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I Will Go On Rhyming

Perhaps from penning doggerel i ought to have a rest
I have been told by a few that for me it would be best
For to give my brain a break from it maybe i should heed their advice
But penning stuff is my addiction and for such there is a price
To pay for addictive behavior a bad habit hard to give away
I feel compelled to pen more stuff i make rhymes every day
Yet it is something i enjoy doing for years i have been a rhyming buff
In forty years of rhyming i have penned a heap of stuff
The rhymes to me keep coming perhaps i will be rhyming till i die
If i said i would give up rhyming then this would be a lie
The rhymes i pen are simple and easy for to write
And easy to read and memorize and easy to recite
I am one of those people who with words does like to play
And i will go on rhyming despite what some of me do say.

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