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I Will Have Had My Innings

If I should die tomorrow do not waste a tear on me
Instead say of life's worries he finally is free
He is with Mother Nature now and at peace where he lay
The wild birds chirp and whistle and life goes on today.

I will have had my innings and life it will go on
And the World will not be worse off since from it i have gone
The reaper claims all of life in the World from shore to shore
And though many may tell you differently death may be forever more.

I've heard the skylark carolling in the early morning sky
And the dark winged swallows chirping in the sunshine as they fly
And many a Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter i have seen come and go
Yet of the ways of Nature so little i seem to know.

If i should die tomorrow on me why waste your tears
Just say he had his innings and he had his better years
He has gone back to Nature and few things seem to last
So leave him rest in peace now since he is of the past.

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