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I Will Help You

I am Mr Poison, I am here to help you
With everything you say and everything you do
Just reach out your hand and I will firmly clasp it
I'll help you anyway I can, all you have to do is ask it

If you feel you're slipping, just grip me ever more tightly
Don't worry that every day, I'm making you more unsightly
Because I am here to help you, something you must never forget
I am here to help you, you are forever in my debt

You could not survive, without all the help I give
Your life would be a life that could not at all be lived
So firmly grasp this hand that I hold out to you
I won't pull you down, that's something I would never do

by Alessandra Liverani

Comments (2)

It'd be my honor to give myself to you, Mr.Poison. Help me, in every way you can, and I'll do my best to repay you. I can't survive without you, and the havoc you wreak on my body, so thank you, for giving me life.