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I Will Keep On Rhyming On

In rhyme words perhaps i have said all that one should say
But what i love doing i cannot give away
For so many years i have been a rhyming buff
Perhaps i have become addicted to penning of stuff

Since my worth as a rhymer i always does doubt
Of rhyme to others i would rather not talk about
Though with rhyming words i am one who does love to play
And i add to my numbers of rhymes every day

The rhymes to me keep coming in notebook i pen them down
But never for money or for literary renown
But i hope to be penning rhymes till the day i do die
If i did tell you different this would be a lie

Those who tell us poetasters are many and poets are few
Are telling us something we already knew
So few out of writing a success has made
Though everyone is welcome in the wordsmith trade

I have been writing rhymes since nineteen seventy three
And time everyone's foe it is telling on me
My best physical years in the forever gone
But for as long as i can do i will keep on rhyming on.

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