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I Will Keep Penning On

The word poet to me does not apply I have said that before
I write for love of rhyming words just that and nothing more
I do not write for money and I do not write for fame
In fact to me this writing verse is a hungry belly game
I never do look on myself as one worthy of note
And I leave it to her as well as to him to claim the title of poet
I just want to keep on penning rhyme for as long as I can
For years I have been penning stuff I'm a rhyme addictive man
I commenced penning years ago in my physical prime
And I have penned as some might say a heap of slipshod rhyme
And no shortage of things for to write about despite what some might say
One rhyme leads to another rhyme and I pen more every day
And though time is catching up on me my better days long gone
I'm happy when I'm writing stuff and I will keep penning on.

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