I Will Kiss You

I will kiss you smoothly in the silence of the night.
I´ll take of your lips the honeys of your soul.
I´ll kiss you in the dimness, the shine of your eyes,
and I will be in the way to your heart..

I will cover your body with the heat of my kisses,
I´ll travel your accidents without fatigue.
I´ll climb your mountains without the desire of the first time
and I will descend to the botton of your soul.

I will kiss you without time and without rest.
I will kiss you with my soul and you´ll kiss me with yours
in an infinite kiss until the dawn comes.

I will kiss you in the port of your eyes again.
I will navigate in the sea of your pupils
and I will be forever the sailor of your heart.


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For you.
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this is.... BEAUTIFUL. i cried.