LA (111111111 / Grenada)

I Will Love No More

Too many times have I let my guard down to have my heart taken.
Too many times have I let my guard down to have my heart broken.
I was prepared to give her everything that I have,
I was prepared to give her all that I am.
My love for her is surpassed only by her beauty.
I see God's greatest creation in her:
My love for her has hidden any imperfection.
Her eyes, her lips, her skin, her hips
were crafted specially by the creator,
to them nothing compares... nothing is greater.
She must be God's bride. she deserve more than earth;
she was not made of dirt.
Her skin was made of velvet and gold,
her blood of wine a million years old.
The truth is I see why she can't love me,
she deserves perfection - perfection
that has not and cannot be.
For this I will love no more!

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You know who this is right? Anyhow, so this was your first poem? Wow! It's not much of a looker or even much of a poem per se but it's emotion spilt onto the page and that's what's important in poetry. Emotion recollected in tranquility, or as I see it, emotion recorded in passion, makes for the best poetry. Fabulous!