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I Will Love You Forever
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I Will Love You Forever

Ripples over the lake, gentle breeze passing by
Clouds above, painted red beneath the blue sky
Sitting alone but walking through the memory lane
Thinking of you, love in my heart but why does it pain
I knew it was love at first sight
You came in, lit up my fire, turn on the light
Things went well, loved each other, shared moments for a short while
Then came along destiny, shattered our dreams, locked up the love file
I tried to patch up, make up, begged for one more chance
But all were in vain, no more song, no more dance
Since then I carried you in my heart where ever I went
I kept my promise to love you, what I said I meant
I travelled the world far and wide
But never gave you up, carried you in me, inside
I remember, you said, I will never forget you, love you till I die
Suddenly you departed like a comet, never said good bye
Lady, lady in red, this day this moment will pass on
Just like the night that came and left before dawn
But you will always remain in me, till the end of my time, till I die
Remember, we promised to love for ever, for us there is no good bye.

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