TC (May 22,1988 / Kansas CIty, Mo)

I Will Never Forget

I will never forget
The pain, the angry, the hate
All these emotions I felt
When I wanted it all to end.

I will never forget
The joy, the love, the bliss
All the emotions I longed for
When all I wanted I got.

All I wanted was a friend to count on
A guy I could trust, a companion
A friend, a enemy, a lover
And then I found you.

You were all I ever dream of and more
You showed me the sun, the moon, and the stars
You showed me joy, pain, and love
You were weren't the other girls couldn't find.

And what hurts the most is I lost you
So afraid to open up to you I pushed you away
And you did everything you could to stay
I blame you for nothing for you were my angel.

And even though you are gone I still feel you
I feel you in my heart when I think about those times
And even though I will never love again
I will never forget your love, my love, our love.

by Tressa Carliss

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Tressa, how very very sweet, there lies beneath most of us a certain someone who will never be forgotten....... I really like your writting spirit... Bonnie Collins