I Will Never Forget It

Surprises come,
In all shapes and sizes.
And not always,
Are the largest ones given...
Left kept remembered,
In the mind.

There are times unexpectedly,
A shift in reality is done.
Stunning effectively,
To undo assumptions...
Manufactured to package.
To leave what has been visioned
With an 'awe',
Words can not describe.

Was that? ! '

-What was 'what'?
And why are you shaking? -

'I don't know.
It was there.
Then it wasn't.'

-Where wasn't it? -

'I'm not sure.
But the it gave to me,
I will never forget.'

-And that feeling you have?
Is what? -

'Something it told me,
Was mine not to share.'

Maybe I should be the one,
To thank God.-

'Why? '

-Not too many people today,
Will admit losing their minds.
And then,
Wanting not to share,
Their craze.
I don't know who,
Is more blessed...
By your confession.
You or me.-

'I am serious.'

-And I am not? -

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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