I Will Never Let You Go

I couldn't talk how
I feel think It's guilt
that make me down...
I think of you at the same time
I just wanna be free
from messing with your heart...


I can't give you happiness
than just talk on how
I feel and make your
head spinned with things that I say...


I regret and maybe you just tolarete
couse I made you happy long time ago...
Now i want more and more of you
so It take the innocent of our friendship
and I dont know how to get it back...


I'm down and I couldn't Talk how I feel
couse of the thing that worry me..
(thing that worry me)
Is i can't have you but you are mine
In a world very closed to my heart
More this more that
More this than reality
and I just want It to last


Such love with you
In any way no matter
I do everything
Just to make you mine
It doesn't matter how far
we are from each other
I'll always be there couse
I will never let you go...


I would do everything
It doesn't matter even
If i have to cross the ocean
As long as I could hold you
near to my heart...
(It doesn't matter how far)
I'll always be there for you

couse I will never let you go...

by Zaarah Jasmin

Comments (6)

nice. so much meaning behind every word along with the emotion.
nicely penned----thanks for sharing anjali
Beautiful song. I agree with Jennylyn, when do we hear it? ? ?
This sounds pretty much like songs sung by folk singers in the seventies. Very plaintive and a bit heavy with emotion. keep on writing.
Rose, It is soooo hard when we are writing expressions of love not to get carried away and bogged down in saying so much without taking a breath...a pause...to collect our thoughts so the reader...listner..won't get lost in the confusion as you spill everything out at once...i.e. 'I couldn't talk now I feel think it's quilt that me me down...' Words: diction-the words you use THE RIGHT WORD language-the way you use those words IN THE RIGHT PLACE Remember this is a critique and not criticism.....slow it down, think it over, and rewrite as many times as necessary to be sure it is precise, concise, charged with feeling as all poetry should be.
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