We found one evening, in the scrub,
a road the timber-getters made,
a winding, dim, mysterious track,
and we raced down it, half afraid.

The wild-hop vines grew high aloft,
a winter's chill was in the air,
and trailing sarsaparilla swung
it's purple glory everywhere.

Then, curled within a hollow stump
down in a gully dim and deep,
we held our breaths with awe to find
four dingo puppies fast asleep!

We stroked them, trembling, for we knew
that somewhere in the forest dim,
there lurked amid the gathering shades
the gaunt old mother, fierce and grim.

The dry leaves rustled, back we sped
to where the homelight beckoned warm,
to supper-time and Mother's smile;
and nestling near her safe from harm.

We, thrilling, gazed into the night
where twinkling stars rose high and dim,
above the darksome scrub, where lurked
the dingo mother fierce and grim!

by Alice Guerin Crist

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Comments (6)

nice. so much meaning behind every word along with the emotion.
nicely penned----thanks for sharing anjali
Beautiful song. I agree with Jennylyn, when do we hear it? ? ?
This sounds pretty much like songs sung by folk singers in the seventies. Very plaintive and a bit heavy with emotion. keep on writing.
Rose, It is soooo hard when we are writing expressions of love not to get carried away and bogged down in saying so much without taking a breath...a collect our thoughts so the reader...listner..won't get lost in the confusion as you spill everything out at once...i.e. 'I couldn't talk now I feel think it's quilt that me me down...' Words: diction-the words you use THE RIGHT WORD language-the way you use those words IN THE RIGHT PLACE Remember this is a critique and not criticism.....slow it down, think it over, and rewrite as many times as necessary to be sure it is precise, concise, charged with feeling as all poetry should be.
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