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I Will Never Let You Go.
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I Will Never Let You Go.

I still clearly remember, the day I cried.
The day I was pained, so deeply inside.
You will allways remain, in my mind,
The place I will keep you, untill the end of all time.

Even though your gone, I can still feel hope.
And that is what gives me, the strength to cope.
The memory of you, keeps me sustained.
It helps block out, how I was so deeply pained.

I can still remember, your beautiful eyes.
And still to this day, I often fantisize,
What would it be like, if things had just worked out?
How would things be, if I'd taken a different route?

I often blame myself, you would'nt be so cruel.
Your ways were so kind, I must have acted like a fool.
Every night I pray, that one day you will return.
With eager anticipation, my heart truely does yearn.

Almost a year has passed, And I still feel the same way.
My love never faded, It is the same as the first day.
Joyce Westbrook, I want you to know,
I will never give up, I will never let you go.

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