JA (June 28,1989 / Lagos)

I Will Never Understand

I will never understand
Why heavily my heart conjure short in the maze
Often times I stormed
Into the Republicans and the Democrats misconstrue,
Ironing the sheets yes - in metaphysics,
Spreading the pieces yes - in paces,
Some in sheer pessimism,
While others, pure determinism.

Still, I will never understand,
You all have many a reason to be thankful,
Or better still, many a reason to take a stand.
There lies my head in the sand
Fully buried - disgraceful
Having had my placenta planted few -
Feet into the ground in a land governed by a
Parliament of Vultures,
Mismanaged in the foolishness of the fools,
Now - that's shameful.

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Everyone has one way of seeing the back of another better. What you have, you don't know the worth
This is good my friend, You have a great way of expressing the desperation of your homeland I salute your mind and heart, and may your God look after you, just in this first piece I read of yours I feel that you are one of natures truly good creations. Thank you for inviting me to read as you have touched my heart and I hope to be reading your work for a long time Jon