I Will Not Be Broken

I am not glass.
When you tell me that you don’t want me
“Like that”
I will not be broken.
I will not crack.
I do not need a bubble rap of people to keep me from shattering.
But I am not steel.
Though you melted my heart,
My goals do not bend when I het a road block.
And being stone isn’t easy.
You would never know it, but I will crumble if you crush my heart.
Living proof of what time could do to a sand castle left in the rain.
I’m as smooth as I am sharp.
The oldest type of “Strong.”
But in the palm of your hand
You see me as....
Just another rock.
But I can make mountains and I can form bridges.
I have survived storms before.
And I?
Will not be broken....

by Tabitha Castillo

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