I Will Not Be Sharing That Kind Of Mindset To Obsess

Not here to deal with those,
With thoughts of a lowered life.
Those who can not appreciate others.
But find themselves embittered...
With circumstances they do not like.

We all make choices.
And everyday,
There are obstacles in everyone's way.
But I care not to choose to see those on my path.
To accuse someone else...
Why theirs seem easier than mine to pass!

I'm not here to experience that kind of harrassment.
Or slither with an evilness.
Because someone has found that's what they do best.
I will not be sharing that kind of mindset to obsess.
I have found my peace of mind.
And those like that...
Can kiss my behind!

Not here to deal with those,
With thoughts of a lowered life.
But I will 'moon' anyone...
Who believes my happiness is theirs for the taking.
To shatter and spoil,
To add to a turmoil that would satisfy their heartbreaking.
I do not seek those companions on my path!
Or become asphyxiated by those who are out to bait.
To satiate their point of view...
That their outlook sought is for lives to trash.

I'm not having that as my existence.
And resisting the need to be tempted!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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