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I Will Not Call You Mr President

I will not call you Mr President Mister Bush for you will do
For to any higher human principles you never could be true
You remind me of the garden weed who stifle the pretty flower
That's what you've done to many people with your gross abuse of power.

Saddam Hussein is in prison awaiting trial that is where he ought to be
Though you are worse than he is or so 'twould seem to me
For you have caused more deaths than he and more suffering and tears
And you want to be President for another four long years.

If you get re-elected in November perhaps your next war will be with Iran
Mr Kerry cannot be worse than you though I know little of the man
For anyone would do better than you as you are not up to the task
You give us war and bloodshed though peace and love is all we ask.

Even if the U S voters re-elect you in November I will not say they are right
I will only think that in the darkened tunnel they have chosen the lesser light
You've talked of winning hearts and minds in Iraq though hearts and minds are never won
By a smart bomb or a cluster bomb or through the barrel of a gun.

You will never impose western values on the people of Iraq
These people know what serves them best and they want their old values back
In a free and fair election there to your disgust you will find
That you have not won any Iraqi hearts and not one Iraqi mind.

I will not call you Mr President for that title you do not seem qualified
Far too many deaths because of you and far too many dreams destroyed
And you want four more years of power and if re-elected it would seem
That to win the hearts and minds of Iran would be your next great dream.

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