DD (6-18-1961 / Gary, Indiana)

I Will Not Compromise

You say I’m too hard, but I say I’m just not easy
You say I’ll never get a man, and I say not if I have to be sleazy
You say that I judge others because of what they do
Have I judged anyone because I choose a life of virtue
Because I have certain standards I choose to follow you say that I’m wrong
Am I supposed compromise my values and just take anyone who comes along
I guess you think that I should just get on with the world’s program
Lower my standards, do away with the covenant I have made so that I can get a man
I say I’m waiting on God, and you say I’m spooky
I’m waiting for my Boaz, not some fool they call Pooky
You say because I like to go to nice places and enjoy fine things I’m a gold digger
Well, I’m one of the King’s kids, and I’m not walking down the aisle with some broke.............
Just like Jesus did right, when we try to do what’s right we’re despised
I don’t care what you or anyone else says, I will not compromise

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You go no one should take less then they deserve or more, but that's another story.