(27 December 1797 – 15 February 1869 / Agra / British India)


Sad was Z.
He said,
'The last letter is me! '

Y asked,
'Why? '

And U said,

R cut in,
'Are pathetic! '

I spoke,
' I feel sorry for Q...'

Q's the quiet type so his friend said,
'F you! '


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I am fortunate to have read 'Diwan-e-Ghalib' in its original form as well as in parts in English. Though, Urdu has given us a series of Poets of exceptional poetic brilliance, Ghalib has remained the top choice of the lovers of Urdu for over 175 years now. Thanks for sharing this Translation. I agree with the observations made by Glen Kappy. If possible, the notes should be given separately.
so much for poem of the day...amongst these numerous virgins, i want only you...
Surprisingly find no name of the translator anywhere in the page. While reading, often I feel the absence of legendary Poet Ghalib in these words. Actually Ghalib is a flavor of human heart, his spirit flows with love and beauty. Know not why such feeling haunts me! Translation feels me much like the daily talkings in market places. Just forgive me if my comment does not go with this posting.
i have read ghalib (in translation) before and appreciated his brevity and voice (though his perspective is quite different than mine) . on the poem as rendered above, i would have preferred if the explanations in parentheses were given as footnotes rather than interrupting the flow and feel of the poet's thought.
I Will Not Cry for satisfaction if I could get my choice, Among the divine beautiful virgins of heaven, I want only you. Wonderful!
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