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I Will Not Rush Our Love

You told me you love me and I smiled
I smiled for joy, and I smiled from laughter
My soul laughed from its smiles
I was happy. You loved me. And I loved you.
On mornings since we met, when I wake
I think of you… I wait for you… I want you
To say hello. I anticipate. To see your smile
I patiently wait. Heart giggles in love’s grace.
But did I mess up? By taking it slow? By wanting it slow?
By wanting to wait till I love you more
Before our relationship we begin to explore?
Did I, in that saying of wait, lose hope?
I pray not, for I love you, but I don’t wish to rush
I wait to act on love, to make sure it’s not a crush.
I wish not to hurt, but heal….not hurt… but heal.
Thus, though this thing I feel is real,
Let’s take it slow… to first make our love grow.
Grow to the point of no return… for then we
Would forever be… and forever be happy.

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Comments (4)

A very appropriate understanding of love. Love shouldn't be hastened, it should take it's own course, like the flow of a meandering river.
A hasty heart not for you cutely explained with love truly the main stay of this beaut poem and what lover would want more than happiness for ever...luvli...regards
Heart giggles in love's grace. Where on earth does such assemblage come from? Its inspiring and unique in most unique forms. A sad touch to the poem just added to its beauty
nice write and excellent advice, Lets take it slow and let our love grow.