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(((I Will Remember You))) (A Psalm)

Lion of the Senate-

Gladiator for all just cause-

Camelots last standing son-

A kind-hearted soul with few flaws;

You became a big part of me-

Long ago when i was very young-

Embracing your entire family-

Since Johns presidency had begun;

With you through all of your heartbreak...

The many sorrow-filled tragedies that you endured...

With you always heart and soul-

A truth from me that can be assured;

The end came way too soon for you dear man-

I prayed for you everyday without fail...

Oh, Teddy i have cried and cried and cried-

But, alas, my tears will just not go away;

A celebration of your life shall soon begin...

A tribute most worthy of a king-

I will remember you dearest Teddy...

And it is in praise of you- i now sing;

Edward M. Kennedy (Teddy) That is how you always signed your thank you cards-
that i received from you and Vickie... in re: John John and the news of your brain tumor...You always had time for: we little people! Unbelievable! ! !
February 22,1932-August 25,2009

Viewing Thursday: JFK Library
Wake Friday
Funeral at Mission Catholic Church Saturday-
To be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetary
With his brothers brothers on the hill...

Now Sailing on the Sea Of Eternity****


'I'll be seeing you matey ' 'The Sails are up.'

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