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I Will Repay

I was hungry. You gave Me no strength.
When I was thirsty you gave Me no drink.

I was a Stranger, you let Me not in.
Was lonely in prison to pay for my sin.

While in My sickness you came not to see.
I was then feeble and weak as could be.

Yes, you were first in the world with its show,
but I was a Beggar you cared not to know.

In faith you carried a script and a purse.
Wretched and vile I was left to My curse.

All this you did to your Savior Above.
Mistreated My children and tortured My Love.

You were so greedy, with pride went your way.
Vengeance is Mine now, so I will repay.

All for your selfishness, fire shall you see.
In as much to the least, you did it to Me.

by Evelyn L. Bolin

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