I Will Rest My Head

It was a bitter view of what lied ahead, from the moment I was due.
A doubt sowed at birth of what the world was.

Never doubt, all along you have been a pinnacle, my brightest light.
A pillow for my head, when the world I couldnt bear.
I rested my head on yours, during the hardest of times.

Now it is hard to bear that you are piece of the greed that I despise.
I should have known all along, that you were the price for my peaceful nights.
But even then, I rest my head, on yours, for your judgement to bear.
Though I hope my sins don't stain my sons' seat on your table.
Even then I still rest my head on yours, and hopefully not for the very last time.

I know you feel I have wronged you, that my existence is owed to you.
It's a fact I can't ignore, something that will last till my last breath.
I don't want an outcome neither an explanation of what we have become.
So I just rest this head on yours, for your judgment to bear.
You're still my best, I wont rest until the feeling is gone.
Your judgement I will bear even to the last of my breath. Even when there is nothing left.

by Alan Kabanshi

Comments (2)

A refined poetic imagination, Alan. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Such a great poem, Alan...............