I Will See You Again And Again

When will I feel your warm body beside mine again
Ashes smoldering, poker memory stirring in mind
embers still smoldering, but nothing stirring, and
no embrace to stir up a little fire within.

I spend my waking hours writing you in poems; my nights
Singing you in songs; dreaming you in my dreams, even
Imaging you in the illusive moon and waiting for you in
the rising sun.

Thumbing through files past, recalling us walking down
Brooklyn promenade walkway, while the half-waning-sun
accompanied by red and orange lighting up the sky, and
profusely adorning the New York City skyline-

Even your scent lingers in my mind, taste your lip on every
coffee cup… pretty rose reminds me of our love when fresh
youth gave love and rose, today wilted to do with what you wilt.
These memories will stalk you as long as I live…

April 4,2016

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