Do My Body Right

When you tatse me...
I swear i'll go crazy...
feeling your tongue making ABC's...
The warmness of your mouth
Licking and tasting my sweetness
oh you'll have me drippin wet...
Oh what a feeling an orgasm can be.
my juices will be running down my inner thighs
down to my knee's then to the floor.
Like a gentleman you'll help me stand up.
You'll gently run your fingers upward against
my inner thighs collecting the remaining juices
then i'll slowly lick and suck your fingers...
driving you into a crazed passion of lust
lay me down and take me please you must...
With a shaky breath I'll lay on your bed
You'll kiss me and say, "It's alright."
From my lips, to my neck
You'll kiss all the way to my breasts
I'll moan as you run your tongue across my nipples
leaving a trail of soft sweet kisses
mmm i'll moan as i beg you to please
slowly thrust your manhood inside me
first the tip then the rest oh my god
make me moan your name as you begin
thrusting to your own unique rythm
in and out slow and easy
oh my god take your time and tease me
i'll moan as you groan and shiver with delight
cause i know you'll love my body just right! !

by Johnisha Blair

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Really even my pilot for soul for eternally is only Krishna, just feel that love to Krishna is just supreme.... The one of the best part of meerabai poems are similarity of emotions and feeling which eternal lovers of Krishna feels....