Thus Spake A Nihilist

When I met her first, she was
building a aura around,
with her words and more words.
'I am a Nihilist' she announced.
Her fingers were weaving a bridge
of rays between earth and sky.
Her short hair and dress were not catchy
as her eyes, but still elegant.
She talked more and more,
what she called philosphy - but
little did I understood.
Suddenly she zeroed on me
as an eagle finding its prey in a desert.
Whats your dream, mister? she asked
Just 'P' came out and before 'OEMS'
could jump out of mine,
her lips opened again.
' Mine is to think, think and think
dream, dream and dream, till I turn
insane, just like Nietzsche'
'What Che? ' was all I could sound.
Her eyes can even kill, I realised then.
'He is my love. yes all the other males
I met are just Male chauvenist pigs'.
'I hate them' she flared.
Then slowly she uttered,
'I think I am a lesbian.
Thats what my kiss with her shows'
She went silent. The hailstorm stopped.
'Kiss' what all that stayed in my mind
Let me tell you of her lips.
They get rosier and lovely everytime
they utter a word, it seems.
The more she spoke, the better they turned.
For first time I wished if I were a girl.
She came into me then, wholly.

Days passed,
Months too.
All I do now is think, think
and only think
dream, dream and only dream
of her, for her and with her in dreams.
Everyday I eat Nietzsche, Sleep Nietzsche.
Last week I killed my God.
Yesterday night, I tried
a sleeveless pink gown.

by Putholi Arumugham T

Comments (4)

Let's stay close to the facts of this poem. The tangible rather than the abstract moral revelation espoused by the clergy of all denominations is what matters. For Whitman the physical object alone constitutes evidence and carries conviction in a world of flux and uncertainty.
I believe this peom speaks of Whitman's quest to show the people what is good. I also agree with Brian on the part about the clergymen and how they often would preach things like slavery that were wrong and cruel but I don't think it was limited to this.
Brian Scott thinks that this poem by Whitman expresses is discomfort in the fact that religion preaches racism and he expresses his need to correct this in You shal see how i shall stump the clergymen and confound them.
This guy sounds like he will do what he wants and how he wants to do it. he is very open minded.