I Will Tell You Once More

I will tell you once more.

I will tell you once more
That which I told you once.
In the not so distant future
Or is it that far away?

We never know when,
as in the present moment
we are being consumed by time that is obsessed with itself.

In the long life how many
moments do we feel alive
When alive I muttered the
most beautiful words I ever said.

Defying definitions and
pre conceived notions
I let my emotions free and
they assumed the form of words.

And I let them go
I was a bit shuddered
but you knew emotions
you knew my words.

What I said was absorbed
And nothing came back
But you didn't complain
Neither did I, for I knew you.

The words that I said
still resonate within me
in myriad forms and at
times even in silences.

Between you and me
I find my spiritual solace.
Each time I break down
I draw energy from this reservoir

The words that I had the courage to let loose to those lovely ears
Still dance on my lips
They urge me to let them go.

I know your ears won't
eject what I say for sure.
But I will keep them
under the wraps of my mind.

To say that once more
just once more
as a parting obeisance
for being you, just being you.


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