KML (April 3,1910 / Sacramento, CA)

I Will Tend

</>i dim the music
i turn off my heart
i don't want to hurt you
i wouldn't know where to start
a frown wouldn't appease
and a smile is just a tease
you won't let it go

...and i will tend
to pick up the pieces
waiting for the day
that this will make sense
....and i will watch
you estrange me
helpless, smiling always
in spite of what you said

just go now
you might as well laugh
take your words with you
this strength is all an act
i can't tell what you want
but it isn't what i give
you know i can't
tell you what it is
a frown does not appease
and a smile is just a tease
still you won't let it go

...i will tend
to hope
for hope
i may have none
and couldn't be happy
they've all said but
...i wonder
where salvation is
cos i know it’d never stay
neither would i, if i could
get away
...i will tend
to fix this
because this is all i have
i must tend after you
i will tend

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