I Will Try To Reach On To You (From Album, Like Love Is True)

I will try to reach on to you
With my broken moods and dreams
Coming so clearly all through
In to this world of esteems
I have a message to give
With the rightfully ways to go
And something still worthy to live
Just like the day that I did know

Come here listen to my courage
It’s so close with its beating
Everything there in its true weighs
What you in words are reading
Passing from thoughts of nothing
That sometime will fill the mind
When they are reasoning bluffing
And they are sympathy is blind

I will try to hold on to fortunes
That is more inside than out
Everything that comes and turns
And filling the motions about
I have my daydreams to place
Where they’ll come to something
After their go round and lace
To some they might somewhat bring

by Peter S. Quinn

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