I Will Wait For You In Eternity!

If you leave first!
Wait for me there, where you know!
wait for me in the only place
where your soul can reach
glorious soul like yours!
from the earth it has deserved the heaven.
Don't become sad for my absence
because soon I will leave to be with you.

Just tell to God you loved as a human
and you were loved as a goddess,
you shared his divine gift with a soul
who idolized and idolizes you.
request God to take me close to you.
although I am a sinful,
loving you like I've loved you,
it's a sin, but a sin of love! !

If I leave first!
I will wait for you in the eternity
I will descend every morning like a morning ray
to touch your soul, in the nights you'll see me
as a star in the constellation of aries
remembering with a blink of light in the distance
that I will always look after you, until God calls you
to decorate eternally with your light, the night!

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