I Will Wait Forever...

Poem By Fallen Angel

you had my heart in the palm of your hand
your hazel eyes sucked me in like quicksand
i trusted you with my deepest secrets
and all i got were deepest regrets
you took my heart and rent it in two
and left me wondring 'what did i do? '
i cried and you wiped my tears away
but you said 'do i like you? no way! '
it hurt-it hurt like a knife in my soul
and now, you see how that took it's toll
but you don't care-no not one bit!
you just go on joking with that priceless wit.
but you say'I just want to be friends'
and ' i'l protect you till the end.'
but did you protect me when you hurt me without care?
did you shield me when you cut me with your glare?
i said i loved you and i meant it with everything in me
and you said settle down-control yourself- but don't you see?
its not just a reaction or an instict-its a concious choice
i asked you why and you said 'cuz' -i could hear it in your voice
im not pretty enough, not smart enough, not perfect enough for you
there is one thing i am though-i know it's true
i am pretty enough, smart enough and just perfect enough for someone
i will wait for him to come and save me, and this pain will be done
i hate loving you-more than you can ever know
it is a curse i must bear with-but it will soon whither and go
until then, my friend-my enemy-i love you with all my heart
i love you even though you tear me apart
i love you more than anything at all
i'll always be waiting for your call
my friend my love my obsession main
my darling dear, how do you live knowing that i am in such pain?

Comments about I Will Wait Forever...

wow...that sounds alot like my past relationship...and i want to ask him that very question you asked in the end...hopefully ill gain the courage to ask him in person...great write btw
A beautiful poem that inspires hope and perserverance. I anticipate more of these poems from you in the future.

4,8 out of 5
2 total ratings

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