JH (dec 27 1993 / somewhere in Nevada)

I Will Walk Forever

I know, I know
I know I am such vampire
You feel the heavenly lights,
as I search for each dropp of my blood.
We are all laughing, yet I'm still alone.
My feelings are like illness
This venom is penetrating through all I know.

In my dreams......
I walk these crossroads forever
Each path seems darker then the last
In my dreams......
My vision is gray and the sky is painted by the end,
these beds of roses decay under this snow.
In my dreams.....
These memories won't ever fade,
and my friend's laughter follows me
as I try to escape from my world.

The saints and sinners
they are all the same to me.
I've traveled far away
and I think I lost track of all the time.
saints and sinners
they are all the same to me.
The shadows covers my tracks,
as I continue to travel towards the sun.

by Justin Henry

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I feel like i know you from somewhere. You get the perspective and make it very universal. Every consider being an author?