I Will You In My Arms

Poem By Michele Weston

A thousand miles apart,
I count the steps in my head,
Knowing soon it will be inches,
I will you in my arms,

Lying awake next to you,
Hearing you breath softly,
Finding heaven in your touch,
I will you in my arms,

Sunrise to sunset together,
I'll never want to let you go,
The sweetness of your kiss,
I will you in my arms,

Feeling love like never before,
Not ashamed, but satisfied,
Complete comfort and security,
I will you in my arms,

I'll take in every breath,
Remember every smell,
Remember every touch,
I will you in my arms,

Paradise found comes true,
Just looking into your eyes,
I know my future is set,
I will you in my arms,

Imperfections overlooked,
We fit eachother perfectly,
A better match I could not make
I will you in my arms,

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,
We hold it in our hands,
The picture's painted for us,
I will you in my arms.

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